26 weeks, My innie is coming outtie.


Look who’s looking. Your baby’s eyes — which have been closed for the past few months (so that the retina, the part of the eye that allows images to come into focus, could develop) — are beginning to open at 26 weeks pregnant. What this means is that your baby is able to see what’s going on now (unfortunately the view in your uterus isn’t all that exciting). But do try this at home for kicks (baby’s that is): Shine a flashlight at your stomach. Your baby might kick in response (as in: “Get that light out of my eyes!”). The iris, the colored part of the eye, still doesn’t have much pigmentation (that’ll fill in over the next month or two), so it’s too early to start guessing your baby’s eye color. Even the color your baby will be born with might not be the permanent shade; so you may be kept guessing until your baby is close to six months old.

Look what else is going on this week: Your baby’s brain-wave activity is kicking in at this stage in fetal development, which means your little one can not only hear noises but can now also respond to them. Not in so many words, of course, but with an increase in pulse rate or activity.

And talking about activity, at your baby’s current height and weight (about nine inches tall and two pounds), and at the rate he or she is growing, your baby will soon be feeling a little cramped in your uterus. Not to worry, there’s still plenty of room for your baby to grow. It just means your gymnast will have less room for those somersaults, cartwheels, and other Olympic feats.

We picked up the crib yesterday that we ordered two weeks ago. Yay! We also have the mattress now, the mattress pad, and two fitted sheets. I made a list of baby things to do once the puppies are gone, so that I can focus on the baby and minimize feeling bad about them leaving. We’re going to move some furniture around, steam clean the carpets, refinish some furniture, set up the crib, decorate, sew LOTS of things (I’m an ambitious stay at home wife), and get more baby items! I feel like we’re doing a pretty good job, and I get so excited when we get ready for the baby. Tim gets really excited, too, which makes me even more happy.

There was some unnecessary worry when Tim dropped off the papers I needed to get signed by the doctor, which included verification forms that said I was in her care and had a diagnostic ultrasound already so that I could get an elective 3d4d ultrasound. I had made the appointment months ago. The doctor wasn’t in, but the nurse told Tim that the doctor wouldn’t sign off on elective procedures unless they ordered them necessary. They wouldn’t be elective if they were necessary! I was upset because it was something we really wanted to do and had been looking forward to for some time now. Then I started looking online for some place that wouldn’t require the form. There was one that was recommended to me but was much more expensive. I didn’t want to pay that much even though Tim said it was ok with him. Everyone else required the form. Then I found one 31 minutes away according to Google that didn’t require the form, which was much less convenient than the one across the street. Anyway, that nurse at my doctor’s office didn’t know what she was talking about, and when Tim came back later to pick up the papers, they all were signed including the verification forms, which means we are all set for our 3d4d ultrasound for Mother’s Day Weekend. We are really excited about this, too!

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  1. Gabby-Sounds like yall are coming along on planning for your little girl! Baby planning and buying is so so much fun. I swear every time I go in to Babies R Us (still) I come out with clothes for Orien!! I’ll be sure to follow your blog to keep up with everything! I wish yall the best. Just wait til she’s here…it’s totally worth the long wait 🙂 Just get sleeeeep nowww!Patricia