Week 24


Wondering what (and who) your baby will look like? If you had a baby cam at 24 weeks pregnant you’d almost be able to tell by now. That beautiful face (though still tiny) is almost fully formed. What’s still missing from the picture is the fat that will be piled on under baby’s skin. Until those fat deposits are made, that very tender skin is still very transparent, which means a close look would let you see clear through to all the organs, bones, and blood vessels. Fortunately, that see-through look won’t last much longer. Babies at this stage of fetal development are gaining about six ounces each week — with much of that gain coming from fat, in addition to growing organs, bones, and muscle.

What’s been playing on your little rocker’s stereo system these days? All kinds of sounds can be heard by your baby in your womb: from air exhaling from your lungs (deep breath now), those gastric gurgles produced by your stomach and intestines, your voice and your partner’s (which your baby will be able to recognize at birth), and even very loud sounds such as honking horns, barking dogs, or a wailing fire truck.

My monthly doctor appointment went really well yesterday. She said I looked really good and was gaining the right amount of weight. She said you couldn’t even tell from the back that I was pregnant. That’s great news. I asked her about swimming in natural waters, and she said they’re not very strict on that in the medical profession and that it’s just an extra precaution. I really really want to swim at the beach. I should’ve asked her about sushi. I miss that a lot.

Today my mom has the day off, and she said she’ll be sending out the shower invitations. We’re also going out to lunch and we are going to buy the crib, so that should be fun. I want a white one. I’m bringing my measuring tape with me, too, to make sure the bumper I make will fit right. I also need to make sure the mattress we plan on getting will fit snugly. According to my research it’s a good quality crib, but when I the customer reviews, some people had a hard time finding a mattress that fit. That will affect whether or not I end up getting what I had in mind originally. Hopefully it does fit though because I don’t want to have to start over.

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