Searching for the right fabric today…

A three piece Shabby Chic crib set at Target costs $119.99. A six piece Olivia crib set at Babies ‘R’ Us is $189.99. Now, I have a sewing machine that rarely gets put to good use and a lot of free time on my hands. I’ve decided to make my own crib bumper and crib skirt. Fitted sheets are $10.99 each and can be purchased in solid colors to match (you need more than one anyway). The baby blanket and diaper stacker aren’t really necessary, but I will go ahead and make them.

Coats & Clark has a book that lays out the instructions, and I can tell it’s going to be really easy to make. I just have to find the fabric patterns that I want. The foam for the bumpers can be purchased pre-cut, which is what I got. I also have coupons for Joann’s Fabrics. See, my sewing teacher told something very useful: at the store, they have this magazine, I guess you could call it, every season. It costs $2.99 and on the inside has sewing ideas, but on the back, it has six 50% and 40% off coupons. I’ve only used one to buy the bumper foam and saved $13.50.
Getting laid off wasn’t awesome since that was the right job for me right now, and it’s so hard to find something else like it nowadays. The project will give me something to do other than read, go to the library all the time, and take care of the dogs and puppies, which is good because I’m getting restless. Making dinner for Tim and buying groceries doesn’t take up the whole day. I’m really enjoying doing the baby preparation at the house though. Anyway, even with the cost of supplies, I’ll still come out on top, and I’ll have a custom nursery set that I had the pleasure and satisfaction of making myself.

The Simply Shabby Chic Lady Rose 3pc set from which includes the bumper, skirt, and fitted sheet for $119.99 plus tax and shipping.

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